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    I am constantly sharing that Christians can have fun learning about God's Word!  That is the heart behind the Bless This Mess: Creative Journals.  These are interactive journals that allow you to get creative while learning about your faith.  You are going to enjoy the mess you will make while having fun in these journals.
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    The pages of are filled with fun prompts to get your creativity and faith connected. Get creative and crafty in your bible studies as you write, rip, paint, draw, and more.  There are relating Bible scriptures included with the prompts.  All you need to do is bring your craft supplies, mixed media, paints, markers, stickers, and anything else fun to the journal. You will make a mess, learn about God's word and have fun doing it!

    The first BTM journal is 106 pages with 50 scriptures referenced. The second is 108 pages with over 44 scriptures referenced.  The journals follow the same format of being printed on one sided of the paper to allow you a full spread to craft and journal on. The journal is neutral, printed on white pages with black ink so that the creativity you add will pop.  There are some decorated pages, but most pages have a lot of open space to allow you to be creative.