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    It’s Kelly of Print Pray Slay welcome to my shop.

    I am so excited about all the new creative ways to document our faith. I love bible journaling, faith planning and anything dealing with colors.  Wearing  faith base t shirts, buttons, and pins are some of my favorite ways to start up a conversation about God and what I believe. 
    I can honestly say I feel like I was a bit late to the party. I was saved in college! Since then I have developed a beautiful relationship with God. I love my freedom to learn and grow in my faith and I pray that I continue to flourish in faith along with a bunch of creative Christians through bible journaling. 
    My love for faith based creativity grew as soon as I purchased my first bible journal in 2016. As my feelings for this creative expression of faith grew I wanted to include many more items that I could relate to so I decided to design them and share them with you; thus Print Pray Slay started! 
    I hope you enjoy a few things that make me smile and giggle!
    I am a Christian! God is my friend and I spend my life chasing after Him and learning about what I believe: He is the source of my life and Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice for my soul.  I love being a Christian and learning more about my faith day by day.  I believe, surrounding myself with like hearted people allows me to grow in my faith. I also believe that surrounding myself with all types of different people helps stretch me to learn, appreciate folks, and share God's Word.  I am thankful every time the Holy Spirit speaks to me and I actually listen!
    I am a creative! (who happens to also be a lefty) I love expressing my faith through bible journaling and faith planning! It all started out as fun and soon became a really big deal for me - a passion. I believe journaling and using printables from Print Pray Slay allow me to process what I am learning, praying about in my studies.  Then I get to share it with you! I also enjoy digital scrapbooking and designing custom keepsakes over at my other spot
    I am a wife and a M.O.M (mother of multiples). I have been married to my best friend Maurice for over 15 years.  He is my bestest friend in the whole world!  I love that we have fun together - then we don't - then we do again!  Life with him has been so wonderful oh and he loves to cook #winning.  I was pregnant for 3 years in a row!  We have three poohdas: MR, EdenK, and Amira Rose. Yea - our lives are super exciting and busy! My kids have been featured on my YouTube channel and my IG feed.  They keep me tired, laughing and young - and tired lol.
    Let’s not forget our fur babies. I love our pups Dallas Saint Gadsden, my little unique brindle Boston Terrier with a tail.  We also have Meeko YOshi Gadsden our blue brindle boy with the bluest eyes. Yes, I named Dallas after our favorite NFL teams and Meeko after the illest sidekicks lol.  Sometimes our Boston Terriers act more like Boston terrors, but we love them and they love us.
    I am a lover of many all things chocolate…just thought I would put that out there.
    I am from New Orleans, but was raised in the DC metropolitan area (a PG girl)! Yes, I eat crawfish (my fav) and listen to Go-Go...well the Go-Go from the 90s into the 2000s at least.
    I am a high school teacher! My first year teaching was during the pandemic of 2020 - crazy right lol.  I share my knowledge and experiences of Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Business Law with Juniors and Seniors and I love it.
    My favorite genres of music are Oldies (40s-70s), Neo Soul, and Gospel
    My favorite colors are orange and hot pink (only the hot one)
    My favorite number is 7
    My favorite season is fall
    My favorite movies are The Shack, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and every Jurassic Park/World movie (favorite dino is the Spinosaurus)
    In my leisure time I like to binge watch shows with my hubby then debate them, bake with my kiddos (chocolate chip cookies of course), travel, and digital scrapbook all of my experiences!
    I can get lost at Target, Giant, NY&Co, and Ross any given day. I love to shop at those stores!
    And lastly I am a woman on a mission to live out the purpose God has blessed me with and have fun doing it. Life is supposed to be fun!  I love what I do at PPS and I love that you love it too!