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    cute doodle of my studio where I spend tons of time relaxing and being creative
    Print Pray Slay (PPS) provides Christian products to creatively express your faith. There is an array of items in the shop for spiritual growth.  The purpose of my shop is to provide a creative way to express and grow our faith, study the Bible, document our gratitude and faith journey - all while have fun doing it!
    The name Print Pray Slay was inspired by the popular term Wake Pray Slay. It is a call to action! Printing is the first step to all of my products. You then pray that the Holy Spirit guides you in your faith and understanding as you use/wear the products. Lastly, you slay! Slay is a term used to empower you to put into motion what you learned in your studies and wear your PPS apparel with confidence.
    Everything in my shop is printed before it is used in your creative expression!
    Once you have your item pray, meditate and reflect on what God is teaching you! 
    Slay by applying what you have learned in your studies to your life and own it!
    Slay means to have courage and do something amazing. That is exactly what you do when you share your creative studies and rock your faith apparel. You create something excellent with the PPS products that help you retain the information you learned. You share the faith message your PPS apparel represents.  Share it! Slay it!

    Kelly - Owner/Designer
    I love expressing my faith through bible journaling and faith planning! It all started out as a hobby and soon became a really big deal for me - a passion. I love what I do and I love that you love it too!

    The Design Team - Illustrators
    I have illustrators that design exclusive custom works for Print Pray Slay. I am also a merchandiser of commercial use products holding various licenses.  I also work with an awesome team of Illustrators that have their brands represented here in the shop.  They design all of their own kits and are super talented.

    The PR Team - Cool Set Of Christians
    This a team of great people who volunteered to spread God's word through the use of PPS products. The role of the team is to connect with you and show you how to use the items in the shop. They each have a discount code they share as well.

    I design printables to bring you a creative way to study God's word and craft. My style is all about what is relevant now and interesting to me! I pull inspiration from the latest trends in design, fashion, music, and life. I aim to be different and fun in my shop!

    I own the rights to various items in my shop. Some items are exclusive to PPS and have been designed by me while illustrated by another. As for purchased illustrations in which I am not the owner of the illustrations, I hold various licenses in order to use the original work in my designs for sell.